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April 24th, Virtual

Global Modeling: Unlocking the Future of Data Modeling

Join us for a Global Modeling virtual session and learn how Global Modeling can elevate data modeling practices for enterprise organizations adopting modern data approaches.
April 24 – 25, Stockholm

Data Innovation Summit

The Data Innovation Summit is a key annual event in the Nordics, bringing together over 300 experts in Data and AI across various fields. It serves as a pivotal platform for discussing AI-driven transformation in enhancing customer experiences, operational processes, sustainability, and developing new business models and products.

May 1st, Virtual

Data modeling techniques for healthcare providers

Join us for an exclusive journey into the future of data modeling. This webcast is ideal for executives and leaders overseeing the data and analytics functions for healthcare organizations within the US.
April 29 – May 3, Vermont


May 8th, Virtual

Join our Demo

Join our demo! May 8, 2024 | 9-10 AM CEST. See what our cloud-based data modeling solution has to offer for your data warehouse environment. 45-minute live demo with Q&A time afterwards.

May 15th, Virtual

Live workshop with SqlDBM and Databricks

Discover best practices for cloud-based modern data modeling with Databricks SQL, promoting data democratization, advanced analytics, and a well-architected Lakehouse architecture in our live discussion.
June 3–6

Snowflake Summit

Discover the future of data technology at Snowflake Summit 2024 in San Francisco, where cutting-edge innovations in AI, genAI, and Apache Iceberg take center stage. Gain invaluable insights from top experts in data and AI, and explore new dimensions in streaming and application development. 

June 10–13

Databricks Data + AI Summit

The 2024 Data + AI Summit is an upcoming event focusing on the intersection of data, analytics, and AI. It targets professionals who utilize Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow, TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, BI, SQL analytics, and various real-time streaming, deep learning, and machine learning frameworks. 

September 18–19, London

Big Data London

The Big Data LDN (London) event offers opportunities to discuss business needs with over 180 technology vendors and consultants, and to learn from 300 expert speakers across 15 technical and business-led theatres, showcasing real-world use-cases and panel debates. Attendees can also network with peers, experience the latest product launches and demos, and benefit from free on-site data consultancy and interactive evening community meetups.

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