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InnerJoin Program

Get ahead of your competition with modern data modeling

The SqlDBM InnerJoin Program is designed to help data consultants accelerate business growth with vertical-specific data models. Gain the ability to better align your solution to your prospects' specific needs.

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"Using just three of SqlDBM's many features, Intricity can save weeks of development time from a database migration, and they don't stop there."
Rich cir
Rich Hathaway, Senior Director, Data Architecture, Intricity

Join a global network of data service providers dedicated to modernizing the data stack



Uplevel your offering

Grow portfolio and drive revenue
Utilize SqlDBM to accelerate your sales cycles. We give you the ability to align your product offerings with client needs; easily create industry-standard data models, innovative data product designs, and reusable templates

Accelerate your client's time to value with pre-designed industry solutions
SqlDBM ensures consistency in data standards across projects, and allows you to efficiently build niche models such as those for Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services.  Deliver practical end-to-end specific solutions that address client needs

Program benefits

Develop your team, get trained
Take advantage of exclusive team training, early product releases, and ability to test. Empower your data architecture and engineering teams to provide the best solutions for clients. Gain early access to previews of upcoming SqlDBM product releases, communications, and educational content, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve.

Acclerate GTM together
Get access to new GTM opportunities, joint solutions, client referrals and commissions, promotional events. Get referrals and commissions, discounts and extended time for trials.

Special pricing for your clients
Get discounts and an extended trial period for referrals.

How PwC assist client data migrations with
the help of SqlDBM

“SqlDBM cuts our modeling time
by twenty-five percent by saving us
much of the manual and repetitive labor.”

Midhun Paul, Senior Director

Bridging the gap between design
and deployment with SqlDBM

“It’s been a support, as opposed to any kind
of burden in producing

Karl Young, Data Architect

Accessible Data Modeling

Anytime Anywhere Access-3

Anytime, Anywhere Access

SqlDBM’s cloud-based SaaS platform can be accessed from any PC, VM, or remote desktop, removing the hassle of installation, configurations, license keys, or upgrades.

Exclusive Product Previews-1

Easy transfer of Projects

Often, consulting professionals start data modeling for clients and then need their work transferred over to the client's account. Since SqlDBM is a cloud-based tool, you can sign in from anywhere and continue working on your projects.

Easy transfer of Projects

Exclusive Product Previews

Gain early access to previews of upcoming SqlDBM product releases, communications, and educational content, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve.

SqlDBM stands out as the premier solution for assisting teams in data modeling, documenting metadata, and automatically detecting schema changes

We collaborate with leading consultancies to ensure our customers derive maximum value from SqlDBM. Our relationships comprise of top-tier providers in the data infrastructure realm, elevating SqlDBM's capabilities.

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